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Victoria Beckham

There is no doubt that Victoria Beckham is one of the most popular celebrities in the world. To test her popularity, just search her name on any internet search engine – about a million results pop up in a few seconds. However, unknown to many people, especially the young, she was still popular even before marrying her husband David Beckham – the Former Manchester United Captain.

Nicknamed ‘posh spice’ she became popular as a member of the all girls group Spice Girls which was formed in 1993 by music producer Chris Herbert. After the release of their debut album titled ‘Spice’, she took a life of her own. This album sold over 20 million copies worldwide. She is also a renowned designer and prides herself in wearing what she designs.

She was born April 17, 1974 in Herefordshire, England; her parents named her Victoria Adams. She changed her name to Victoria Beckham after she married David Beckham whom she met at a football match and later married him in 1999. In this year, they were the most photographed couple in the world.

Posh Spice was raised in a very rich family and started pursuing ballet dancing at a very young age. At the age of 17, she pursued her passion further in a college based at Surrey, England. However , it was only after she moved to London , that lady-luck to smiled at her as she was chosen from a group 400 aspiring singers to join the group Spice Girls. The group had a ‘girl power’ appeal that attracted mostly teenage fans.

After the release of the album ‘Forever’ in the year 2000, the group broke up and they all went solo. In 2001, Victoria Beckham released a self-titled album. Most music experts agree that none of the five spice girls has been able to replicate the success they had as a group. In 2003,she moved with her husband to Madrid ,Spain where he was playing for Real Madrid FC. Today, she spends her time in the US where her husband plays soccer and England her home. All their kids are boys.

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