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Avril Lavigne

Who did not want to be Avril's "Sk8er Boi" when the pretty Canadian released her first album? Back then, she was only 17 years old and already a popstar. For Tim Burton's version of "Alice in Wonderland" she has written the title song "Alice". Avril is also involved in fashion design and several charity projects, but in her heart she'll always stay the young girl we all used to love.

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Claire Danes

Claire Danes is what you call an all-round actress. She has already acted as Eliza Doolittle on Broadway theatre and we also know her from Movies such as Baz Luhrmann's version of Shakespeare's "Romeo + Juliet". On TV you can watch Claire as a bipolar CIA agent in "Homeland".

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Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank really is what you'd call a "Million Dollar Baby": she has already won the Academy Award for Best Actress twice. The outstanding woman from Nebraska never lost her high recognition value because of her very special beauty and personality. She also encountered everybody's heart starring "P. S. I Love You".

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Victoria Beckham

As a successful businesswoman, David Beckham's wife Victoria is much more than just a "Spice Girl". Today we know her as a famous fashion designer. She has also released two books and is a mother of four children. Her clothes and her haircut have always been trendsetting for women all over the world.

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